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Mickey Finn UF put a lot of focus on product quality and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes are a given. We can therefore proudly present our handmade bracelet, Exclusive Finn.

By re-using fishing nets for our bracelets we contribute to reducing unnecessary damage to the underwater life while in the same time holding lead weights away from the nature. This lead is originally placed in the used bottom line, but during the production it is taken away, of course, and then sent to the Tekniska Verken in Linköping to fulfill the recycling process.

We questioned 100 persons if they were interested in our product. With the environmental affection and the authentic feeling in mind, the results were 84% jays.

Unique and Environmentally friendly.

Mickey Finn UF values a unique and an authentic feeling. Therefore, our product are self-produced on environmentally friendly grounds of recycled fishing nets. Exclusive Finn comes with a hand-forged hook and have passed several water- and durability tests. The models are fully adjustable, which means that one size fits all. The bracelet is made on order for the highest quality feel and comes in a linen cloth bag.

Since our product is made by hand using methods that help nature is our bracelets unlike anything else on the market.

Remember: 25% of our profits will be donated to Älvräddarna and Anglers to improve the situation in Sweden’s waterways.


With our goals and our will to change in mind, partners have been carefully selected. To reach the environmental objective our company striving for, is it an essential factor to selectively find partners that share our philosophy. Below, we list our partner organizations.