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About Us


Mickey Finn UF is run by two outdoor enthusiasts who have a deep concern for today’s environmental impact on The Baltic Sea as well as lakes and rivers in their home country Sweden. We decided to give back to nature for all it has given us.

The basic idea of our company is to manufacture handmade bracelet with locally made hooks and the bottom line from the use of fishing nets from the Baltic Sea. The bottom line contains lead, which we recycle and thereby the underwater life benefits from our choice of materials. With minimal emissions for transportation, we also make the acidified lakes a service. For further help, we donate even 25% of estimated profits to our partner Älvräddarna and Sportfiskarna working actively to improve Sweden’s waterways.

In addition to this we also want to engage the community in the issues concerning the Baltic Sea, Swedish rivers and lakes, as we believe that more needs to recognize the seriousness of the situation. This, we hope, in time, lead to more initiators that directly or indirectly contribute to the improvement of the current situation.

“We manufacture hand-made bracelets from recycled ghost nets from the Baltic Sea, to improve the aquatic situation in the Baltic Sea, rivers and lakes.