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  • Welcome to Mickey Finn

    We manufacture hand-made bracelets from used ghost nets from the Baltic Sea, to improve the Baltic Sea, rivers and lakes.

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  • Welcome to Mickey Finn

    Did you know that 25% of our total profit is donated to organizations that work actively to improve the aquatic situation in oceans and waterways?

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  • Welcome to Mickey Finn

    We value Product quality and customer relations. Visit our webshop for more information.

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This is our story.

The name Mickey Finn is close to our heart. Mickey Finn is among the most recognized lure in the fly fishing community and the company’s logo is a rough sketch of this. The underlying reason of this choice is that the fly serves as a symbol of nature, waters and our common interests. The symbol is strongly linked with our purpose and reminds us of how important a change in the current situation in Swedish waters truly are.

The basic idea of our company is to manufacture handmade bracelet with locally made hooks and the bottom line from used fishing nets (also knowns ghost nets) from the Baltic Sea. The bottom line contains lead, which we obviously recycle and thereby the underwater life benefits from our choice of materials. With minimal emissions for transportation, we also make the acidified lakes a service. For further help, we also donate 25% of estimated profits to our partner Älvräddarna & Sportfiskarna working actively to improve Sweden’s waterways.

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/ Simon & Christoffer

Exclusive Finn

Take a step for our endangered waters.

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On our webpage you can follow and read about our journey towards healthier waters. We will publish blog posts as well as enlighten you about the current situation and how we, together, can affect the future of the waters.